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Welcome to outbackbooks.info

 Over 300 Outback and Aussie books, videos etc now in our catalogue.

COMING IN JUNE: The Outback Writers Festival  see www.outbackwritersfestival.com.au  There is also a short story competition associated with it and if your entry is selected it will be on our booklist soon after and will be able to be bought here !  See you there.

A new edition of

See Cattleman page


25 Year rainfall register - stitched not glued. See Rainfall Register page

Books for Young Australians include the Tom Kruse story, and Australia - Deluxe Colouring & Activity book

Welcome to a new author on this site, Lainey May. Lainey has three OUTBACK NOVELS with A Time and Place, Even The Land Cries, and That Certain Smile. We encourage authors to contact us with their books. See Outback Novels page

NEW CATEGORY: Movies from Australia. Only AUSTRALIAN FILMS on sale eg Smiley, Jedda
News from the Vision Splendid Film Festival in Winton : Locals Dave & Rainie Gillies (related to Jason Clarke, film actor born in Winton) with Australian actor Roy Billings at the Film Festival.

LATEST BOOK: Thirty Years With Men by Harry Ding. He sold the Birdsville Mail to Tom Kruse ! See Outback Books

Had the pleasure of meeting with Nev 'Nocka' and Margaret Peoples. This couple has lived in western Queensland - working on Kidman properties and owning Mackunda Station in the Winton area. Nev has two books - Dingoes Howl in the Darkness, and Call of the Stormbird - both available from our Outback Books page. Retired to Longreach? Doesn't look like it by what I see of Book 3 taking shape on the work bench. See Outback Books page

Sunday 8th February 2015 saw Noel Lipp,
local Toowoomba author and historian, launch the book
detailing Steele Rudd's time in the Nobby area.
See Outback Characters page.

  JUST RECEIVED. 10 copies of John Henry - by Cameron Tully.
A true story of Frank Tully, his life, his times, his family in  the Quilpie district.

  We had the pleasure to meet author Kristen Weidenbach in Winton recently.
  Kristen has just released the book for children -
Tom the Outback Mailman.
Kristen also has the book
Mailman of the Birdsville Track - the story of Tom Kruse.

www.outbackbooks.info has some autographed copies of both.

  We have received copies of the 2015 Bronze Swagman Book of Bush Verse.

The Nine Pillars of Cobb & Co See Outback Books page

See Carmel Rowley page - Daughters of the Wind series of outback novels.

Welcome to Tim Borthwick, who has his books of poems available - see Bush Poetry pages.
Tim Borthwick was born and raised in the Quilpie district of South-Western Queensland. From an early penchant for reading poetry, he finally turned his hand to creating his own., often for fun, but also as escapism from the constant droughts and hardships on the land.
Tim has three books with us.
NEWS FLASH: Tim has just won the 2014 Bronze Swagman Award for Bush Verse. Congratulations !!

GIFT VOUCHERS: We can post a gift voucher to the person you nominate - it can be for any amount. (Don't forget to add $1 for the postage.) Simply phone (07)46 3 789 33 with your VISA or MASTERCARD details, or send a cheque or Money Order and we will do the rest.

We are getting a fine collection of books, novels, DVD's, postcards, maps and books of bush verse  on this website. If you are the author of an authentic bush book, please feel free to contact us re selling in Toowoomba and on this website. Self published books a speciality.

Please book mark us as we are adding more real aussie books to our lists as we find them.

We accept PayPal, Direct Credit, cheque, money order or order by phone/fax on 07 46 3 789 33

Feel free to contact us  at  info@outbackbooks.info

If you can get into Rhonda's Refits, 100 Taylor Street in Toowoomba, Queensland you can save yourself postage/freight. You may like to phone /email ahead to have the books set aside

Many thanks
Jeff & Bente

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