Banjo's Bootlace & Other Verses

Banjo's Bootlace & Other Verses

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Banjo's Bootlace & Other Verses by Tim Borthwick
"....But if I had my time again I'd swap their smiling faces
To walk a mile in Banjo's boots, as one of Banjo's laces.
And so the poems continue: Banjo's Bootlace, The Camp, Counting Sheep, The Stick, A Thousand Times, The Man from Nulla Creek, Alligator Dreaming, Jack, The Shearer, Dust Storm, The Journey, Auction Day, The Dotted Line, Home, Perhaps, The Swagman, Cemetry Hill, Smoko Time, The Bushman with his Old Guitar, The Chance, Merv, Devil in Disguise, Computer Capers, The Little Silver Teapot, The Loner, Slim Dusty, The Last Beer, The Traveller's Code, Writers and Artists Galore, Reflections.

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